Driving long distances can be quite an adventure. Unfortunately, cleaning bugs off the front of your truck when you arrive home again can also be an adventure in its own right! As someone who needs to replace their truck grill, you will be interested in ways to easily clean bug splatter off your grill after you have racked up hundreds of kilometres driving. Here are two ways to help keep your truck grill clean with a minimum of effort.

Grease The Grill Before You Leave

It makes sense that if you grease the grill before you leave on your driving trip, you won't have as many bugs to remove when you get home again. The bugs should slide right off after connecting with the grill, right? However, when it comes to what products to use to grease the grill, the internet is filled with all sorts of suggestions.

One suggestion is to use standard car wax, but the problem with this idea is it's not that easy to spread wax into all the bends and corners of a truck grill. Others suggest using a simple spray-on cooking oil. However, some cooking oil sprays contain lecithin, which is a fatty acid that turns gummy over time. While it may work for the short-term, the gumminess will cause bugs to stick in the long term.

You can purchase automotive products to grease the grill that contains lanolin. Lanolin is the grease found in sheep wool. Any product you purchase from the automotive store that contains lanolin is a good product to use on your grill. Lanolin does not easily wash off with water, and it also doesn't dry gummy like lecithin products do. When you apply lanolin-based products to your grill, the bugs should easily wash off when you get home.

Rehydrating Bugs After You Leave

If you forget to grease the grill before you leave home, there is still an easier way to remove bugs that doesn't involve a whole lot of elbow grease. One reason why bugs are so difficult to remove once you get back is because they are dried and stuck to the grill. Rehydrating the bugs before you scrub them off will make this process faster.

Grab a handful of old towels and lay them across the front of the grill. Next, wet the towels with a hose, and leave them to soak on the grill for 15 minutes. Finally, remove the towels and wash the grill with a bucket of soapy water before you hose it clean. The wet towel method rehydrates the bug and loosens their grip on your grill.

Contact a company like Moore Truck Parts if you have questions about maintaining a truck grill.