You may be thinking of lifting your ride a bit to have a smoother ride. In this case, a body lift is exactly what you need. Another reason for lifting your ride might be because of a better ground clearance especially for off-road cases. However, when building up through the various vehicle body lifts, you must realise that the faster you do it the more problems you may encounter. Therefore, it is always advisable to start with smaller lifts and gradually grow your way up. Due to the various kinks experienced on your way up, lifting in steps will help you work out and learn every bit of them. The following details will help in selecting the right size lift for your vehicle.

Is it a DIY?

This type of job that can be done without involving a professional. A number of lift kits exists in the market and you could get one and set up for the project. However, you need to be realistic of the complications that may arise. If you are doing it on your own, consider how control alarms, slip yoke, steering linkage, gearing, drive shaft length, and braking and axle strength will be affected by the new height of your vehicle. If you are doing larger lifts of 3", you may need longer shocks and long lower control arms. You may also be required to lengthen the rear and front brake lines. For 4" or more lifts, you will need a longer track-bar, longer emergency brake lines, and longer upper control arms.

A Simple Lift

If your lift is "just a little" to offer you a simple ground clearance, you may need coil spacers on the front and long shackles in the rear wheel. The method is inexpensive, the most affordable, and is quick and easy to install.

Medium Size Lift

This lift offers one of the best tyre clearance and of-the-road option for your vehicle. It involves AAL (add-a-leaf) lifts of full length with spacers. The kits come with new shocks for your vehicle. When going for this lift, ensure you have strong rear springs. This option is not a bad one since it offers you a more noticeable handling performance.

Bigger Lifts

A bigger lift will result to a better off-road performance and more noticeable look. Larger lift kits come with a combination of new rear springs, new front coils, a matched set of new shocks, and AAL's (Add-A-Leafs). The method is the most expensive and some complications are likely to arise since the entire front suspension is entirely redesigned. For this reason, look for a high level expertise to handle this job.